Who is Mareezy?

MAREEZY is a diverse lyricist that breathes life back into hip-hop, bringing you music everyone can relate to. Very proud of his hometown, MAREEZY was born in Sanford, North Carolina. He was fortunate enough to travel the world from a young age, opening his ears and mind to different types of music. His passion for music grew so strongly that, by the age of 14, MAREEZY was writing and performing his own rap songs. He has continued to rhyme ever since, even producing in his home studio.


MAREEZY started to grow lyrically throughout his high school years at Lee Senior High School, in small town Sanford. He had big dreams. In addition to his lyrical talents, he was and remains extremely artistic in many ways. Highly talented at drawing, MAREEZY is an exceptional artist; crowned “Best Artist of the Year” in 2003 for some of his art. Due to this, MAREEZY was awarded a partial scholarship and continued his education in all aspects of the arts by attending the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, where in 2008 he received his Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts.


Still from

Still from “The Greatest” Music Video


MAREEZY has since continued to pursue his career in music. He has performed at various shows and avenues in the South Florida Tri-County area (Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties). He is often the featured artist at showcases like Tokyo Blue (Ft. Lauderdale Beach) and part of larger showcases like Vagabond’s (Miami), Off The Hookah (FTL), The Cypher House, Club Euro, Megabite Chillout Lounge, Fantasy Lounge, Ghost Bar, Write Side Poet Café, The Office Strip Club, Shats, RJ’s, Area 7, Club 313, Propaganda, American Rock Bar, Speakeasy, King Tuts, Will Call, The Stage, 3 Diamonds and Miami’s King of Diamonds; among many others. MAREEZY has also performed at events like Diversity Fest (African American Cultural Center). There he and the neighborhood children performed a single he wrote in honor of Remembrance Day titled “Red, White and Blue”.



MAREEZY opened for Cyhi the Prynce in Salt Lake City on February 27th, 2016. Also in 2016, MAREEZY performed at the Pandemonium South Beach Indie Music Festival. In addition, MAREEZY has performed multiple freestyles for multiple cyphers with The Key Cypher, which have featured on World Star Hip-Hop. He is scheduled for more performances in the future. MAREEZY has been featured in articles for Insomniac Magazine, This is 50, 2DopeBoyz.com, StupidDope.com and others. He has been a guest for interviews and performances on multiple radio shows including WBKE, SNDS, Universe Miami and Excitement Radio.


MAREEZY has several videos. “Better Days”, “Can’t Nobody”, “Carolina Boy”, “Straight Barz”, “The Greatest”, “Devil is a Lie” and “The Ride” are just a few of his main music videos. He dropped his first mixtape titled “G4L (Grind 4 Lyfe)” in 2013 with a raw video intro, “Grind Lyfe”, that followed shortly after. The mixtape featured DJ Seizure, the official DJ of Huge Music and Seven Figure Entertainment. In 2015, MAREEZY dropped another mixtape titled “Never Changed Up”. In 2016 MAREEZY collaborated with friend and upcoming artist Kimosabe, releasing their first mixtape as a group, self-titled “BBLS (Big Bro, Lil Sis)”. The mixtape featured strong performances from other artists and was not the first time MAREEZY and Kimosabe worked together. “BBLS” resonated with smokers everywhere. MAREEZY is currently working on his third mixtape. His most recent release is the single “Retail”. MAREEZY is currently working with Huge Music Studios (a Warner Brothers Music subsidiary) and Miami Live Recording Studios, as well as multiple other producers and his home studio. Keep your ear open for more MAREEZY in the future! Stay up to date with the latest Mareezy information online:


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